Stage decor - Tomorrowland 2012: Main Stage

Main Stage at Tomorrowland 2012


In 2012, Phixion Creation was involved in the construction of Main Stage at Tomorrowland. 

The Main Stage at Tomorrowland 2012 was all about "The Book of Wisdom".  The stage décor consisted of a beautiful set of giant books placed both horizontally and vertically, with a gigantic main book “The Book of Wisdom” as the centre piece, which could open and had integrated LED screens. 

After receiving ID&T's design for the main stage, Phixion Creation worked on the technical drawings for the production of the books, in collaboration with scaffold designer Gilbert-Noproblemstagedesign and with the technical assistance of WI-Creation for the rotary technology of the main book. 

Subsequently Phixion took care of building the tens of giant books of 18 by 6 meters. The ID&T designer conceived the magnificent covers of the giant books; the Phixion team brought them to life, one by one! And thus the Tomorrowland main stage of 2012 began to take form; first in Phixions’ production halls in Beerse (B) and later on at the meadows of "De Schorre" in Boom (B)... 

Main Stage in figures…

Width: 130m
Height: 28m
10 tons of steel
more than 3500 welded joints
600 triplex plates
5km construction wood
600 clips
3500m² prints
10 trailers of stage decor
55m² polystyrene
350kg glue
more than 3000 rivets
an extensive cad-drawing
2 weeks construction time
2 cranes used for construction

and an amazing crew…!

Make sure to watch the Official Aftermovie of Tomorrowland 2012 to see our enchanting stage decors live!You can also watch the movie clip of Hardwell live @ Tomorrowland 2012 and experience the Phixion stage decor live...