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Almost 25 years of experience in decor building and event industry

Know how

Top engineering and know-how of numerous technical aspects


Inhouse designers and creative minds to help create the client's desired atmosphere

Technical and structural

Integration of technical and structural aspects in the design


We pay a lot of attention to details

Stage integration

Integration of DJ booth and/or concert stage in the design

How can we help?

Building custom made decors

Phixion Creation builds custom made decors. We either start from a design provided by the customer, which we further develop from a creative and technical standpoint and then proceed in producing it.

Another option is where we start using the given theme, ideas or atmosphere the customer would like to create which we then translate into a design to meet all your expectations.

Starting from the design phase, throughout the whole production process and the assembly of the décor, all technical aspects involved into building stage decors are taken into account.

A successful décor can only be accomplished via the combination of creative knowledge, technical discussions, modification to the décor, teamwork of all parties involved and last but not least: compliancy with various safety standards.

Renting lots of decors

A lot of decors can also be rented at Phixion Creation.

Shopping decors

We have a large assortment of thematic shopping decors. Our sales team in the Shopping department will provide you with the fantasy world of St Nicholas, Christmas or Easter and suggest possibilities.

Stage to rent

In addition to that, we have our fairly new Stage2Rent® concept. This assortment contains a few decors in different themes that can be rented by festival organizers. Ideal to give a boost to a festival with a relatively limited budget and experience its impact on the crowd.

Again, you will be guided by our Festival team in making the right decisions/choices.

History of phixion

For Philip Van Den Langenbergh (48), it all started in the discotheque scene. “At the age of 17, I worked as a waiter in a nightclub in Hoogstraten. That’s where I started organizing “Jungle” and “Beach” parties.

I have duplicated this concept throughout Belgium and before I knew it I was active in 50 to 60 nightclubs. To start up my company, I had to wait, since I wasn’t 18 years of age yet. My parents were self-employed too, so I guess it runs in the family. Although, in the beginning they weren’t that happy with my endeavours. Luckily, the train I was one went very fast. As figure of speech, I was the engine-driver but at the same time running behind it trying to keep up.

I always bought more material and hired the neighbour’s cowshed to store all the decoration material. Later on, when I moved house, I transformed the chicken hangars behind the house into a warehouse and Phixion was ready to grow. Meanwhile, our old and rickety mini-vans were replaced by modern trucks. The warehouse, that evolved from a cowshed to chicken hangar, is now a logistic platform of almost 6000 m².

We have closed the door of the nightclubs. Budget wise this was no longer responsible. Over the years, we have improved the quality of our materials, and this was to high level to scour night clubs with. After the discotheque scene, Phixion started focussing on events, corporate, village and town parties and shopping malls.”

Between 2012 and 2014, Phixion experienced an enormous growth … keeping up with that growth wasn’t that simple. Hence, we’ve certainly endured the classical growing pains. Next to our current warehouse of almost 4200 m², we leased an extra warehouse. After 2 years, we had to search for yet another bigger depot. The growth also impacted our personnel. In 2014, the pressure was immense, which pushed us to a turning point …. and we succeeded. The result is that Phixion is now supported by 2 pillars, namely: Festivals and Shopping.


Despite the versatility in innovation, change and challenge for Phixion, this is now our subject of interest. Although, we do want to emphasize that the shopping centre world is still approached with the same amount of love for décor.

It must have been around 2008, when we were contacted by Demonstrate to create a festival setting for them. No mainstage or specific entrance, but a décor for Jupiler, the “JoePiler Saloon”, which would be taken along on a festival tour in the Benelux. And so the first steps were taken in the festival world.

Thus, the first years, you will have seen Phixion on festival areas wearing an A-brand “jacket”. Or, as you will, you will have seen A-brands on festivals with Phixion décor. Soon enough, we were spotted by some festival organizers which set the ball rolling. After making our entrance with designing and producing décor for Tomorrowland, a few years later we were also introduced in to the world of rock festivals. Not to forget metal, and hip hop venues too.

Shopping centers

The first shopping centre where Phixion was involved for building décor rather contacted Philip by coincidence. Today, Phixion offers seasonal decoration in 40 shopping malls spread across Europe.

This business is known for its peak periods, which run from September till January, and subsequently around Easter as well. During these peak moments, same as in the festival area, Phixion works with interim and subcontractors to facilitate the busy moments. This doubled the workforce from 13 to more than 25 people. One by one, young passionate and creative forces come and explore our workplace and return yearly during the rushy periods of Phixion.

Whether it’s shopping malls or festivals, what mostly excites Philip is creating a certain atmosphere in close consultation with the customer. Phixion namely creates an experience.

For the festivals, this is within the perception of the specific event at areas that need extra attention. For shopping centres, this is rather emerging a fairy tale feeling.

Our staff

Every staff member within Phixion enjoys the admiration of the spectators, and of course of the customer. Depending on the project, the spectators are children or their parents who are amazed by the beautiful Christmas Castle standing in the middle of the shopping mall. Or festival visitors and the media, who see our décor and share it massively by selfies shared online.

Special thanks

Thanks to all my committed co-workers.

For the Shopping pillar:
Els Schrijvers: financial director and head of the shopping department, assisted by Ilse Hermans and Githa Van den Sande.

For the Festivals pillar:
Tine Beernaert: account manager festivals and also my right hand, assisted by An Eyckens.

Our designer:
Krista Rosvelds.

Our project engineer:
Steven van Weereld, assisted by Sander Mannaerts.

And last but definitely not least:
all our staff members who effectively produce and build the décor.