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Decor of the Ice Cream Palace

Ice Cream Palace





Besides gifts, St Nicolas is also a sign of candy. We understand this well at Phixion, think of the Cookie House and our magnificent blue Candy House. We have now come up with a new 'delicious' creation: the ice cream palace! This colourful castle is completely built around ice creams. The four towers each have a different ice cream, with chocolate, cream and a pink topping. The walls of the palace are built from ice cream wafers, and the whole setting is decorated with colourful sweets.

There is a decorated room inside the palace with a beautiful golden throne for St.Nicholas. The good man himself can be comfortably seated, ready to receive his little visitors. As with all of our St.Nicholas decors, there is also the possibility of having a garden in front of the palace. Items such as a moving ice cream carrousel and an ice cream racing car, complete with sound can be placed in the garden, so that there is lots to do for the children waiting in the queue!

"We have now come up with a new 'delicious' creation: the ice cream palace!"