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Charles Dickens decor

Charles Dickens



The idyllic little 'Charles Dickens' houses from Phixion are perfect for creating a nostalgic Christmas atmosphere at your event or in your town or city. Plus, they are weather resistant, so they can also be used to create a festive atmosphere outdoors!

The little houses in Charles Dickens style, with their nostalgic, storybook feel are inspired by Anton Pieck’s drawings of the 19th Century England of Charles Dickens. Just like the work of Pieck, the Phixion houses incorporate a wealth of imagination and an eye for detail. You can use these houses to create an idyllic village atmosphere just like a beautiful Christmas card scene come to life.

The Charles Dickens houses are approximately 3.20m high and can be combined in various ways, with or without wooden or imitation stone walls between them. We can build them to a maximum height of 5.20m.