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Decor of The life of Santa Claus

The life of Santa Claus


If you are organizing a grand Christmas event this year, allow Phixion to introduce a unique concept to you: the Winter Palace, in which the life of Santa Claus - or of the Ice Queen, if you prefer - is presented. The idea is the same: your visitors pass through different rooms and experience for themselves how Santa Claus and his elves spend their day. The Phixion decors are not just beautiful to look at, they are a true experience!

The concept works like this

You provide a tent, for which we will construct a beautiful façade decor that is eye-catching and attracts visitors, as well as serving as entrance to the actual "palace". Depending on the size of the tent, you can even choose to conceal the entire width of the tent behind the façade decor. Or we can build a complete castle in front of your tent, in which you can hold all kinds of activities. Once they have entered the tent, your visitors will follow a special route that will lead them through the different rooms of the palace. There are many possibilities here as well. These could include the mailroom, the elves’ workshop, the elves’ classroom (including lockers!), the kitchen, the living room, bathroom and Santa’s bedroom.

The rooms

In the mailroom, children can post their letter or a pretty picture in the talking letterbox, which will cheerfully thank them. In Santa’s kitchen, the elves are cooking all kinds of goodies. If you like, you can actually prepare and offer these sweets here, to give visitors a little treat. In the classroom the elves go to school. One possibility is to organise a live class here, so that visitors have the opportunity to take home a present that they have made themselves. There's also Santa’s actual bedroom! This is where old Father Christmas gets a good night’s sleep, so that he can carefully read all those letters from the children. You can even install a snoring Santa Claus (dummy) in bed, complete with sound!


Shopping centre

You can let your visitors experience the life of Santa Claus in all its facets indoors, too. The different rooms of the palace can be set up throughout the shopping centre. There are lots of possibilities, ranging from Santa’s kitchen or bathroom - to the mailroom or the elves’ workshop. Depending on the size of the shopping centre, a central highlight could also be installed, such as Santa’s House or Castle, for example.