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Decor of House of candy

House of candy





This gorgeous blue castle house is one of Phixion’s most popular creations. When walking through the colourful ice-cream gate, you immediately notice that this decor setting is all about sweets and candy. The roof is made of chocolate tiles, decorated with piped rosettes of whipped cream. Candy canes in bright pink and white, adorn the doorway and serve as balustrade. Doors and windows are decorates with sugar-coated chocolate and candy. Thanks to its 'delicious' colours, the whole house radiates playfulness and joy!

In the garden you can see cute little teddy bears swirling around on two carrousels in the shapes of ice cones. Two of their little friends are having fun in their racing cars. These cars fit perfectly into the candy atmosphere as they are also shaped like ice cones. And if you listen closely you can even hear the sound of a car racing by from time to time. The many toys and automated movement in the garden assure that the queuing kids are having fun while waiting to see Santa. As with most of our decors, an area is provided inside the house where Santa can welcome his little visitors.