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Decors for lots of Easter Fun

Easter Fun


Happy Easter bunnies swinging and spinning in a play ground, integrated arts and crafts corners and painting eggs, a true Easter egg hunt in one of our labyrinths, ... Phixion has a lot to offer to turn Easter into a fun party! Phixion launches a new set of automates for Easter: Easter bunnies play on all sorts of moving playground toys like a Ferris wheel, a seesaw, a swing, a carrousel... These toys are placed in a garden around the Easter decor. Or we create a playground in itself! A lovely little fence around completes the setting.

Our giant mushrooms are for example a beautiful decor to place in the middle of such a playground. These three colourful giants can be combined in various ways and will not go unnoticed by your visitors.

Our Labyrent®, the patented labyrinth of Phixion, can be completely thematized. Moreover, it is constructed of different components, so that different shapes of labyrinths can be made and each labyrinth is complete adaptable to your available space. That is why the Labyrent ® is perfect as an Easter labyrinth. The whole maze will be in an Easter theme and you cannot find a better surrounding for an exciting Easter egg hunt!