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Decor of the House of Papa Paas

The House of Papa Paas





Welkom to the village of Papa Paas! Papa Paas (Paas is Dutch for Easter) and his family live in the village of Ei (Dutch for ‘Egg’), which is made of giant Easter eggs. There's so much to discover in the village!

The house of Papa Paas – just like the Windmill of Papa Paas – is a collection of different egg-shaped rooms in which Papa Paas and his family go about their business.

The interior has been crafted down to the finest details and will capture the imaginations of young visitors. The car is parked in the garage, in the kitchen Mama Paas is cooking a delicious meal, from the balcony, the little bunnies wave to passers-by…. And in the garden, Papa Paas is tending the spring flowers.