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Decor music world

Music world


Music World is a clear, symmetrical decor that consists of 3 different depth lines.

'Dance' version of Music World

The decor is mostly printed on forex, combined with 3D elements. The background/last line (coloured skyline) is printed on forex. The middle depth line contains the globe which is tightened between trusses. This globe can be replaced by another banner/bache of e.g. a sponsor’s logo. The wings are 3 dimensional. 3D speakers (depth +/- 20 cm) embody the front/first line (depth +/- 20 cm). The distance between the 3 different depth lines allows you to put lighting.

'Las Vegas' version of Music World

In the Las Vegas version of this decor a number of poker elements are added on both left and right side of the original “Music World” decor, expanding the decor to 28 m wide. Poker elements such as poker chips, playing cards and a paper money roll. The banner in the middle (containing the globe in the original setup) would show the content of roulette-table.

'Las Vegas incl. Slots' version of Music World

Even more Las Vegas items are included in the “Slot Machines” version. The speakers in the front row of the original “Music World” are replaced by 2 major slot machines in which LED screens can be hung to imitate a real slot machine by showing the specific content.