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We are HoXper! HoXper specializes in the creation of thematic indoor and outdoor spaces to create a unique home or holiday experience. HoXper designs imaginative custom indoor and outdoor units or (HoX) pods, adapted to your needs and wishes. HoXper brings emotion and experience with original concepts and designs.


what we do

Phixion was founded in 1993 and has since become a pioneer in the themed decor sector, we bring emotion to temporary structures and installations. Known to be able to produce and build in a short, efficient period, a very large, highly detailed volume of decor in a safe way, Phixion supplies and installs custom-made decor-sets all over the world: festivals, large spectacles/events, concerts, world tours, live experiences, brand activations, theaters/musicals, fashion and shopping.

Phixion’s activities occur all-in-house: design, engineering, production, installation of two and three-dimensional decors. Clients come with moods and concepts, with their marketing identity or storytelling. Phixion turns their complex and large scale ideas into genius and safe decor, resulting in the ultimate live experience for the client’s visitor.

Producing a sophistically engineered decor with real showpieces for a (ceremonial) stage, an iconic entrance, a food&beverage street, a unique meeting/info-point, large brand activated stands or wrapping/branding giga temporary structures like tents and stadiums, don’t hold any secrets for us.

At Phixion it’s not about the ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. Just challenge us

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