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Decor of Mini Migros

Mini Migros


Migros, Switzerland's largest retail company, together with the agency Hotz'n'Plotz Entertainment, came up with a unique concept, 'Mini Migros'. The challenging task of producing this unique concept was assigned to Phixion!

Mini Migros is a child-size supermarket where kids rule (no parents allowed!). The youngsters literally take on all roles. They are not only the customer, but can also be the cashier. Or they become the branch manager or the fruit en vegetables rep! Or help out at the factory recycling the goods. Every aspect covered! The children have a blast while shopping with their own Mini Migros coins, ánd buying the Migros label products.

For the production of this unique concept, we started from a modular system that can easily be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of each location. Allowing the Mini-Migros to travel around and bring joy in the different Migros shops in Switzerland.

"Mini Migros is a child-size supermarket where kids rule!"

Overview of the supermarket

In the factory

Shopping at Mini Migros

At the cash deck