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André Rieu Christmas Concerts 2019 - NL

André Rieu Winter Palace


For the celebration of Christmas 2019, André Rieu organized a three-night show in event hall MECC, which measures 100mx100mx12m, located in his hometown of Maastricht. Phixion decorated the entire concert hall on all 4 sides: the stage with the orchestra and the ice rink and the three surrounding sides. This gave the crowd a complete immersive experience.

The hall was decorated with a combination of 2D printed elements and 3D details. The theme of the décor was ‘Winter Palace’ and therefore, we used a lot of golden elements (columns, cornices and wall decoration), including windows with winter scenes behind it, to give it a realistic look & feel.

By covering every wall and thereby generating a 360° décor, the audience envisioned themselves in an entirely new world of royalty and glamour in combination with typical winter wonderland scenes . This was the perfect way for visitors to get into the right Christmas spirit. Now, bring on that waltz!