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Giant tree with Christmas village

Giant tree with Christmas village





After 8 successful years of the large Christmas castle, Wijnegem Shopping Center was ready for a whole new Christmas decor for 2014. Phixion was once again commissioned to carry out this task.

When you walk into the shopping center, the new décor immediately stands out on the main square. There is an 18m high Christmas tree with as many as 48,000 LED lights; this is also the highest indoor Christmas tree in Europe. There is a magical Christmas village built around the Christmas tree with picturesque houses, not only around the bottom of the tree but also going upwards around the tree.  If you look through the windows, you can catch a glimpse of the interior. In Santa’s photo corner, the great man himself is there to welcome his visitors. On the days when Santa Claus is not present, you can pose to your heart’s content for your own photos.

Inside the small houses, the life of Santa Claus and his elves is depicted. You can walk through various rooms, which are all furnished and decorated down to the very finest details. You can also take a look at Santa Claus’ workshop where the various work benches, craft and wrapping materials depict the busy life in the lead up to Christmas.  When you walk through a bedroom, one of the elves waves sweetly to the visitors. In the hall of one of the houses, you can see the many colorful and petite elves coats, shoes and even umbrellas.  You can take a look inside Santa Claus’ wardrobe and Rudolf’s room. Santa Claus enjoys a glass of wine by the open fireplace in his living room as he momentarily pauses from writing and drawing in the big book.

You can walk through the large Christmas tree via two walkways on the first floor. Inside the Christmas tree, you can see a few elves busy with baubles and decorations right to the very top. A magnificent experience of lights, music and movement!

Phixion Creation has once again proved that décor is so much more than setting up a few decorative elements. The Christmas village of Wijnegem Shopping Center is a comprehensive project bringing construction and aesthetics harmoniously together. The décor, lighting, moving elements, detailed decoration and furnishings come together to create a magnificent and unique experience.

Dimensions of the Christmas tree: Ø 10m x H 18m

Total dimensions of this Christmas decor: W 23,50m x D 12,50m x H 18,60m