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Decor of Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa


What would you think of this cheerful decor for Christmas? The colorful post office house remains one of Phixion’s show pieces. Originally designed for Santa Claus, it offers a wide variety of possibilities for Christmas…

The little post office house can be places alone, with or without the giant bright red letterbox on top. This amid Christmas trees and presents, or with a little park around. But in combination with the second giant mailbox that serves as a gateway, our postal world really comes alive! Father Christmas can take place in his golden throne, in front or inside the little post office house, flanked by two jolly teddy bears.  If desired a giant postal packet can also be added at the back, in which there is room for Father Christmas to welcome his little visitors. The complete setting will be abundantly decorated with toys, Christmas present and of course a thin layer of snow.  All letters and drawing for Santa can be dropped in the two mailboxes, left and right of the door.

Take a look at the pictures of “Letters to the world” in Saint-Nicholas theme and let yourself be impressed!