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FM4 Frequency Main Stage - AT

Frequency Space Stage




In 2014, our first ever rock festival is a fact. Although until then, Phixion was known for designing decors for dance festivals, FM4 Frequency was one of the first rock festivals to make the transition to adding a decor to their concert box.

In our older designs, we always kept it in the back of our minds to be able to transform the decor for a concert stage and with Frequency reaching out, we were able to finally realize that. Frequency in Austria knew very well what they wanted, and what not. In close collaboration with their inhouse designer and ours, the existing art work (that was already present in posters and baches) was transferred into the decor.

The fact that this realisation has been Frequency’s mainstage decor since 2014, proofs that we succeeded brilliantly. The organisation was very satisfied with the result, instead of putting it up for only 1 edition, they have used it for 3 editions in a row. Not only side wings were designed and manufactured, also the full concert stage needed to be incorporated into the decor. LED screens and header were neatly hidden by our creative and technical people, resulting in a nice total concept. To create depth, it was decided to work with multiple consecutive decor lines.

The customer was also given the opportunity to annually change the position of mascots (Robot, UFO, Space Woman) in the design, or even to put them as stand alone. Up to now, due to the durability of the materials, nothing has been changed yet to the decor, because “it’s perfect as it is”.

"Thanks to the durability of the materials nothing has been changed to the decor during the three years of use, because it was perfect as it was"