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Hellfest Main Stage 2015 - FR

Hellfest Old School Tattoo Stage


Hellfest’s main stage was to have the same style as their main entrance: 'Old School Tattoo'. This decor is a combination of 3D elements added to a forex printed wall. The giant 3D skull, octopus and lighthouse add an extra dimension to the decor.

In this setting, the depth is not created by multiple scaffolding layers, but by means of the 3D hand-sculpted elements. The forex is printed with meticulously hand drawn designs. Each detail is perfectly drawn which fools the eye in thinking it’s 3D as well, while it’s actually flat. The real 3D elements together with the implementation of shadows in the design help in creating more than 1 layer.


  • Skull: width 15m x height 19m
  • Tower: width 16,5m x height 20m
  • Octopus: width 13m x height 17m