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Lokerse Feesten Main Stage 2016 - BE

Lokerse Feesten Dock Stage


In agreement with our client, we raised the level of finish in order to make it more in tune with the bache of the center stage and the panels printed on forex. The decor walls are a combination of a very detailed and realistic drawing of warehouses and 3D elements. E.g. the warehouse and loading docks (outer left and right sides of the stage).

These walls were mainly made out of printed forex combined with 3D add-ons. The 3D elements (warehouse on the left: the add-ons on the roof, railings across the length of the warehouse) were made of sculpted polystyrene and painted wood. The polystyrene was finished with a boat varnish and a concrete patina to give that concrete look and feel. The horizontal concrete beams in the warehouse (left and right from the stage) received the same finish.

In addition, the 'stage left' would no longer contain a sponsor banner, but is now a beautiful warehouse building where LED screens also serve as billboards. These LED screens were not included in the design, but are hanging from a truss in front of the décor to make sure they stand out as billboards. In order to better suit the style of the decor, a part of the truss and the shackles are left visible.