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Lokerse Feesten Main Stage 2019 - BE

Lokerse Feesten Music Stage


To celebrate their 45th anniversary, Phixion was asked to design and produce an entirely new main stage for the Lokerse Feesten. After 3 years, the organisation decided it was time for a new stage with a new theme: ‘music’. And that's how the Dock Stage made room for the Music Stage for the 2019 edition.

For the Lokerse Feesten, music is still the heart of this ten-days-long festival, celebrating a different music style every evening with a high quality in different artists. Therefore, they decided to work with the Music theme: the love for music in all different styles is the reason why they started the festival 45 years ago.

The new stage is a throwback to the past 45 years and a preview of the coming 45 years. This concept is made clear in the record player next to the concert box and the huge record collection on the left side of the stage. These records are from a selection of the most famous artists who played at the Lokerse Feesten in the past 45 years.

The preview is made visual through the new branding style of the festival: the blue colours and modern forms can be found in the logos, the wall covered with blue accoustic foam and the media control symbols.

Together with the Lokerse Feesten, we are looking forward to the 45 beautiful years yet to come!