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MDL Beast Main Stage 2019 - SAU

MDL Beast Heritage Stage


MDL Beast was the very first three-day dance festival of this scale in the region of the Kingdom of Saoudi Arabia, with no less than 200.000 visitors in 3 days. The entire main stage was designed and produced with great passion by Phixion. The main idea was to combine the heritage of Saudi-Arabia with the future they stand for.

An important detail was the integration of the branding. The MDL Beast logo was incorporated in the design of the futuristic gate and the beacons. It was constantly repeated in the décor, which created a recurrent pattern and perfectly fitted the concept.

The stage was created by combining 2D-printed plates in different layers, a 3D DJ booth and 3D elements in the futuristic gate. On the left side of the main stage, a secret restaurant was hidden.

MDL Beast is a three day festival bringing together the best in electronic music, performing arts and culinary craft.

"The Soundstorm is Coming"