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Summer Breeze Main Stage 2017 – DE

Summer Breeze Gargoyle Stage


In 2017, Summer Breeze celebrated its 20th anniversary. The present to themselves was a brand new main stage and 3D decor.

The former 2 main stages "Summer" and "Breeze" were united into a single main stage via a giant turntable (Stageco Germany). And since a present is usually nicely wrapped, the guys of Summer Breeze turned to us to "wrap" it with a stunning decor.

The stage was built in 2017 and still features as the main stage of Summer Breeze to this day.

They opted for a rusty design printed on panels and bache material. Tree trunks were both part of the printed design, as well as sculpted in 3D for a fuller effect. To top it off, two 3-dimentional "gargoyle" creatures (sculpted by hand!) were placed on each side of the stage. Each gargoyle measuring up to 11 meter high, and 9 meter wide. It's amazing how sculpting artists can transform cubic blocks of styrofoam into 2 giant mirroring beasts.