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Decor Greenboys

FOR SALE - Greenboys


The Greenboys decor, fully printed on forex symbolizes nature.

On the forex print, which is entirely hand drawn in-house, you can see small, funny forest men, Green Boys, with a bush of hair that looks like the top of a tree or bush, with large teeth and eyes. An opening in the eyes enables you to work with indirect light.

With the 'Dance' set-up, we recommend replacing the eyes of the “Green Boy” with LED screens. These can be used, for example, to screen the live show and also to incorporate content. The “Dance” version is built in three lines and is finished with a low collection of rocks which form the fourth line.

In the 'On stage' version, we work with two main lines and the rock collection forms a third line. The header of your rock stage is finished in the same style as the rest of the décor in order to create a connection between the left and right wing of the décor.