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Decor Miami Beach

FOR SALE - Miami beach


We found our inspiration for the Miami Beach Motel concept in Miami. We work with a combination of wood (fire retardant MDF) and metal. The entire decor is painted in the typical fresh Miami-pastel shades to create an attractive and colourful decor. The concept consists of 4 sides and the complete setting creates a festival area on its own.

The concept consists of 4 sides and the complete setting creates a festival area on its own.

The central part of this setting is the DJ Party Booth. The DJ is centrally located here and both on the left side and the right side dance platforms are made. The flags can be replaced by your festival logo or by any print you like. This DJ Booth offers a view on the entire area. The balustrades on the motel and on the dance platforms on both sides of the DJ Booth will be made of iron.

Right in front of the DJ Booth the Heaven Motel will be located. The stairs on the left and right side of the motel will enable visitors to dance on the terrace of the 1st floor of the motel. Next to the doors of the motel rooms we will install lamps. NEON lights will be placed on the arrows of the motel logo. The “motel” sign with the circles will be made of plexi disks that will also be completely illuminated. The frames of the 2 white boards on both sides of the motel will also be illuminated. If you like, LED screens can be placed in these frames.

To complete the zone, 2 beach bars will be integrated on the left and right side, 1 on each side. This allows the visitors of this area to have a drink without having to leave this zone.  Each of the 2 bar décors is meant to be installed as front of pagoda tents of H 6m x W 5m x D 5m. The pagoda tents and the trusses where our décor will be attached to, need to be provided by you. The 2 sides of the pagoda tents on the outside will be completely finished off by décor. This way, a solid entity will be created. On the upper side of the bars we will also provide lights. The pink and blue coloured lines will be illuminated by NEON lights.

Is this setting too big for your festival? You can always opt to use 1 or 2 parts of the concept. Do you prefer a DJ stage in this style? Or do you like the bars? Would you like to create a party zone for the “happy few”? This can all be discussed.