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Decor steampunk - different versions

FOR SALE - Steampunk


The Steam Punk decor is an industrial-looking decor that is fully developed in 2D and semi-3D. All decoration elements have a depth ranging from 5cm to 38cm and the whole set is built in three different depth lines.

'Engine' version of steampunk

Everything is detailed ´true to life´, including boilers, spinning wheels, moving pumps and giant electric coils. In addition, there are a number of chimneys, which give you the option to use smoke as a special effect. To bring it all to life, you can replace the flames in the boilers with LED screens showing a burning fire. The rusted look that is typical for this decor is obtained through a patina-painting with a combination of textured paint and varnish. A special painting technique is used to give the whole set increased visual depth. The width of the 'Engine' version is 28 m. All above mentioned elements are part of this decor.

'On air' version of Steampunk

 The 'On Air' version is a smaller, but higher version of the 'Engine' decor. A big vintage transistor radio is the central element in which a LED screen can be integrated.

'On Stage' version of Steampunk

In the version 'On Stage', the header of the rock stage will be finished in the same way as the rest of the decor. This to connect both the left and right wings of the stage.

'Watch' version of Steampunk

In the version 'Watch', a large pocket watch will take centre stage. By default, we provide a printed plate which bears the typical radar work. You have the option to replace this with your LED screen where you can show the live DJ-set and content and also create the illusion of a real working clock. This version is wider that the “Engine” version because we include the pumps in this set-up on the left and right of the decor. By setting the depth of the stand in a certain way, an extra dimension is created.

'Watch/TV' version of Steampunk

This version is a combination of the 'Watch' and 'On Air' variations. Centrally the giant pocket watch is situated, accompanied by 2 vintage transistor radios on either side in which LED screens can be integrated.