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Tomorrowland Opera Entrance - BE


Several years prior to the construction of the 'Opera' stage, that particular area of TML also had an 'entrance' which framed the whole. In other words, an entry which gave passage to a closed zone.

Until 2014, being 2012 and 2013, this area was not fully surrounded as if you would enter a real market place. At the time, there was a decorative entrance built around tents. On the first floor, a restaurant was integrated.

In 2014, this would change with the beautifully designed Opera Stage. But it would contain more than just a stage … it had to be a total package with a square of bars, VIP deck and of course an entrance to guide the visitors into this story. The Opera entrance would be finished to the finest detail, giving little to no see-through option to what is happening inside the area. Finely carved panels/woodwork, combined with detailed drawings on forex and finished with 3D effects. Also the inside of the entrance passage ways were fully decorated so it would look like an actual building, disguising all scaffolding, except for the stairs leading to the VIP/Comfort deck. On the sides of the building facade, poster frames were foreseen in order to put up the poster of the DJ playing.