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Western Food Street Parookaville

Parookaville Western Food Street – Germany


Parookaville isn't just a festival, it’s a city. And like any other city, it has its own style and districts ... with room for food and drinks. Of course, within a festival city, these food & drink bars should stand out.

Western Food Street

A first food street was ordered for the 2016 edition. The style needed to be different than any other food street … so it turned out to be a good old Western street with bars and meal venues. Phixion created a 100 meters long Western street and, like a real street, it needed depth and 3D. The imposing decor was attached to the tents behind it with special techniques and was a little higher in order to disguise the rooftops of the tents. The result was very impressive and was copied to the other food stands scattered on the festival terrain.

Parookaville kept on using the food lane throught their  2017, 2018 and 2019 edition. That means it was constructed for the fourth time in a row last summer!

"More than 100 meters of Western street, and like a real street it needs depth and 3D."