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Industrials Eco Food Streets - Parookaville

Parookaville Industrial Eco Food Street


Parookaville is more than just a festival, it’s a city. And like any other city, it has its own style and districts... with room for food and drinks. Of course, within a festival city, these food & drink bars should stand out.

Industrial Eco Food Street

With the festival taking on more capacity in 2017, it needed more places to serve food & drinks. A first new food lane stretching over 75 meters was ordered to welcome the visitors entering via the day pass entrance. With key words like “post apocalypse”, “recycling” and “organic”, our creative minds started to create the look and feel of this 3D decor. The result was a combination of a lot of recycled items (chicken wire, 800 used plastic Coca Cola bottles, paint bucket lids, car tyres …), a hint of green and painting techniques to give the overall setup a used impression.