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The Castle Stage

2012: Castle Stage




In 2012 Phixion Creation built a gorgeous decor for one of the stages of Tomorrowland: The Castle! Tomorrowland is known for stimulating the senses of the visitors. Phixion is also known for this!

In 2012 Phixion Creation built the decor for one of Tomorrowland's stages. 'The Castle' was a magnificent creation with attractive colours; 3D elements were integrated with smooth decor walls. In consultation with the companies involved, a lot of attention was paid to the integration of lighting effects, video walls, the sound equipment, the DJ booth, dance podiums and all of the other technical aspects associated with a DJ performance.

Make sure to watch the Official Aftermovie of Tomorrowland 2012 to see our enchanting stage decors live! You can also watch this movie clip to admire Phixion’s gorgeous stage decor: John Digweed at Tomorrowland 2012