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Crystalline Series



We create experiences that connect with people's emotions - this is our business. We combine conceptual thinking, contemporary design and exceptional service to create unforgettable experiences.

Width:250 cm

Height:250 cm

Depth:60 cm

Weight:55 KG

Crystalline Deer

Width:105 cm

Hight:250 cm

Depth:105 cm

Weight:70 KG

Crystalline Tree

Width:200 cm

Height:110 cm

Depth:45 cm

Weight:33 KG

Crystalline Wolf

Width:120 cm

Height:210 cm

Depth:100 cm

Weight:75 KG

Crystalline Fox

Width:110 cm

Height:190 cm

Depth:280 cm

Weight :75 KG

Crystalline Bear

Width:95 cm

Height:200 cm

Depth:145 cm

Weight:40 KG

Crystalline Rabbit